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About Robyn Fahy

robynBorn in Margaret River Western Australia, a good few years ago, and grew up 28 miles south of that ... about as far south and west as you can go on the Australian landmass. Daughter of a Farmer and Timber Miller father, and a Crafty and handy Mother who did everything from milking Cows to making our clothes.   Started sewing at a very early age, sewing clothes for myself And as the years went on, it became children’s clothing and Curtains!

Life moved on, as it does, met and married and Irish man, and in 1987 ended up in ‘Sunny’ Northern Ireland. Here I Took a break for a couple of years to get to know my new partner in life and my new country of residence, then took on the roll of Practice Manager in my husband’s business for the next ten years.   During this time, Patchwork and Robyn met up!

I began quilting about 22 years ago. Went home to Australia for my annual family visit, and my Sister had been to a patchwork class. She insisted that I would Love it! And I did. I headed home to Ireland from Australia with my first cutting board, rotary cutter and ruler, a book by Marti Michelle ... I think... can’t find it at the moment... that had a pattern for a huge fence rail quilt in it. Along with that, a whole bunch of the ugliest fabrics you have ever seen. They were all ‘little busies’. This is the type of fabrics I thought all quilts were made from. I still have that quilt, and use it as a teaching tool for my beginner’s classes. It gives students great confidence when they head home with a first quilt that is much better than mine.

Robyn's First Quilt
"Robyn's First Quilt"

During the early years, I devoured as many books as I could find. In this time, I had no contact with other Quilters, except when I went home to Australia. There I had a sister, a Cousin and a Cousin-in-law. All as keen on patchwork as I was!   It was with these girls that I attended my first class.  We went to a Seminar in Melbourne, sometime in the early 1990’s. It was an Appliqué class with Diane Johnston. Appliqué would not be my favourite technique, but I loved the class, and NEVER completed the project. (perhaps I will..soon!)

Robyn's First Quilt Class
"Robyn's first Quilting Class"

Sometime along the way, I joined the Quilters Guild of the British Isles, and made contact with a couple of ladies... I can’t remember how... and in July 1997, attended my next patchwork Seminar in Veldhoven. I took a class with a lady called Lynne G. Kough, which I also loved, and have another unfinished project from.

The Unfinished Project
"The Unfinished Project"

A little Later, can’t remember what year, attended more classes in Innsbruck with the same group of ladies. Here I took more classes, Had a brilliant and slightly raucous night out with a few well known UK quilting ladies where Marilyn Doheny from the USA kept us very well entertained. I was on my Patchwork Way!

I enjoy passing on my skills to my own students. I Can offer you classes for all levels of patchwork experience, and particularly enjoy teaching those that are just beginning their patchwork journey.

Should you have a particular skill set that is not offered here as a class that you wish to learn, please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements.